Motivation... or lack there of...

Ever been motivated? Like to the point where you feel unstoppable? Like no obstacle will be too big to get in your way? WELL, that is how I felt in this picture right here, back on May 21st. I don't usually post or share pictures I've taken of myself shirtless and flexing my giant bald head off. In fact, I rarely take said pictures, but at this point I was feeling very motivated in trying to get lean for summer, and was happy with my progress. I was so content with the picture that I sent it to some family. I had been so motivated through the spring months and all summer. This was even taken after doing an arm workout. I hate bi/tri workouts. In my opinion, they are SO boring. Speaking of which, I haven't done a bi/tri workout in 3 weeks...

May 21, 2016

...which is why I am writing this now. My current motivation level is a solid 4 on a 10 point scale. Which I will tell you, is a step up from where it was a month ago. A month ago my motivation was about a 1 or 2. At one point I hadn't worked out for 7 days straight, which for myself, when you are in a gym 6 days a week is pretty pathetic. 

Anyway, I want to encourage you that no matter where you are at, or what your goals are or how motivated you may or may not be, keep on keeping on. Last month I wrote a blog about facing adversity in pursuit of your goals, and sometimes I think we overlook the truth that, lack of drive or motivation can be our biggest struggle. And it is in these moments that it can be easiest to quit, because when you don't feel like doing something anymore, especially when it is extra curricular, then why keep doing it? Thoughts like, 'The drive is gone, so my time here must be up' or 'Why keep on doing something I don't have to do or want to do?' Well, first off, these are very valid thoughts and concerns, and one must listen and check in with these or they will continue to haunt you, and lead to burn out. Maybe you do need a break. Maybe you need to slow down. Maybe the time here really is up, or maybe it is just an off day or an off week or maybe just a season that you need to push through.

For me personally it was just listening to my body and my mind. Entrusting myself with the place that I was in, and taking baby steps to keep going, one day at a time. I want to encourage you to do the same thing. I'm not currently striving towards a particular goal with my physical fitness, but I know that for myself personally, when I am not pushing or maintaining myself in this aspect of my life other aspect of my life take a hit, whether personal, relational or occupational. Life happens, stress happens, or nothing happens and motivation is gone. It is in these moments that we want to quit, and don't, that we learn more about ourselves, and the why behind our desires.

This time around 'keeping on' reminded me that when I push through the lack of motivation, the motivation seems to find itself, first through individual workouts, just getting going, one day at a time,  and before I knew it the days in turned into a week out, it just starts to come back. I also had to learn that, performing at a peak level all the time is not necessarily needed for every workout to be a success. In fact it has taken me telling myself, 'something is better than nothing', over the past month or so to get to the place where I feel like my best. Now I find somedays I look forward to getting my work out in, while others I still struggle with the desires to avoid it. In these moments I have to find the momentum where I can, take a step, keep on keeping on, and remember something is better than nothing.