Flippin Life

Life.... Ahh life. This is fun. Writing about such a broad topic, but yet I think it is important to look at it in relation to goals, any goal really. I am going to assume that most of you reading my blog are into fitness and athletics, but if not, no worries, this should still be applicable. I've decided to make this a 3 park series over the next week or two. First, let's look at some things that I BELIEVE are beneficial when goal setting;

  • Dare too dream big. No goal, in my opinion, can be too big. 
  • Set a time frame for yourself to reach this goal. This will help hold you accountable.
  • Figure out what steps you will need to take to reach the goal. What will you have to sacrifice? Can you make these sacrifices? What are smaller goals you can achieve along the way? 
  • Share your goal with those closest too you, and be honest with them. If your goal is big enough that it intimidates you, let them know, ask for their support and accountability.

Now, those are just pointers. Things that I have found helpful. Now, let us start the process here...

Focused. Ready. Determined. These are things that all of my clients come to me with. Well at least anyone that is serious about the task at hand. I never have to give a pep talk to anyone on our first couple of meetings, or around the goal and what they want to achieve. People love visioneering and seeing themselves being successful. Myself included. BUT now I want to look at some TRUTHs around life, and the path too success. I believe these are the things that get overlooked the most or don't get recognized enough, and are the main reasons people do not progress or find success.

1) Like life, success does not come easy. Why do we continue to believe this? You will face obstacles, they will challenge you, achieving your goal might be the hardest thing you have ever done.

2) There are a lot of things in life we can control, there are a lot things in life you have ZERO control over. In an effort to achieve your goal, you must be able to maintain control when life seems completely out of control. What is the next best step?

3) You might not achieve your goal. You may fail. Do not be afraid of failure. (This is something I personally struggle with)

4) Failing to reach your goal, does not make you a failure. 

5) You may have a hard time getting support around your goal. This might be one of the biggest obstacles you face. There is nothing harder than sharing your goals with those closest to you, and hearing them say, "no way", "thats's dumb", "impossible", or just not sharing the same excitement or determination that you have. (I can relate to this one too.)

So, with that, what is your goal? Where are you in life? What are you going through? Do you have a goal? I said it before, but I am a firm believer in the idea that no goal is too big, even if it may seem unrealistic. 

Maybe it is the "instaperfect" world we live in, where we only see the good and blessed things in other peoples lives, and think we should be able to touch, slide, type, filter, and post to reach our goal. BUT I'M SORRY, IT DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY MY FRIENDS. Lucky and blessed are real things, but don't put all your apples in the get lucky basket. Swallow these truths, and JUMP! That is Aletheia Trained.