upside down? take courage

So you made the jump. The leap of faith. You made the decision, you are all in. Whatever your goal is you are right in the middle of it. Maybe early middle, maybe late middle, maybe you aren't in the middle of a goal at all. Maybe, you just feel like your life is completely upside down. This is where, like I mentioned in the previous post, goal setting and goal accomplishment look a lot like life. 

When I first started learning how to do a backflip I would always get to the point above and come out of my tuck for no reason. Well, there was a reason. That reason was FEAR. I'd let go of my legs and brace myself for the fall, and end up landing on all fours. To get to the landing point I had some good friends coach me up. They would have me back flip off of elevated surfaces slowly making the surface lower and lower until I was jumping off a mat that was an inch off of the ground. I would stick it every time with more than enough space to know I could do it on flat ground. Sure enough I'd remove the mat and still make the same mistake, and end up on all fours. It wasn't until I made the conscious decision to face my fear, and the conscious effort to stay tucked and trust myself and the process, that I finally landed it. 

Here is the deal- goals and life are a lot like backflips. Fear is going to creep in. The ole back slide will happen. You did what you said you wouldn't do. You went out to eat one more time than you wanted. You didn't make that workout like you needed too. You drank too much and in doing so ate too much. You are putting in the work, but the results just aren't coming. OR life just smacked you in the face. Someone died, someone is sick, you lost your job, you didn't get the job done, or you keep doing all the right things but nothing is going your way. Whatever it is, wherever you are, shit happens. Life happens. We make mistakes, we struggle, and we learn. That is just how it happens. Sometimes it is small. Sometimes it is for a short time, sometimes it is a season (this can be so hard). 

But listen, this is where success is found. Maybe you already quit, maybe you think it is too late, maybe you think you just suck (I am shocked at how many people think this about themselves). Take courage my friend. For courage is where success is found. Courage is where dreams become reality. Because here is the truth: no one became great and nothing great was ever done without courage. Even the simplest acts of love take courage. Courage is where fear meets struggle, where failure becomes success. When the odds are against us, or when we have stacked them against us, take courage and trust the process. It wont be easy. No one said it would be. But stride on, learn from the mistake, and don't give up. Try again, stay tucked. That is Aletheia Trained.