I am sure many of you are asking yourself this very question. Well the exact origin of the word itself is Greek, and its meaning is "truth" or "discloser". If you already knew that, I am guessing you are currently studying Greek or some advanced philosophy, or you just ran a Google search, which would put us on the same page. 

The idea of Aletheia actually came from my girlfriend. She knew the word from a past youth group, she thought it sounded cool and liked the meaning, so did I. After, thinking about it for some time and pondering what I wanted the future of my business to look like, I decided that I couldn't go wrong with Aletheia. How can you go wrong with the truth? 

So, what is Aletheia training? Well, simply put, it is "Truth In Training". I am sure you could have put that together though, so let us dig a little deeper into, actual truths and then tie them to training. Let us start by looking at ourselves individually. We are all different (truth). We all have bodies that are capable of achieving different things (truth). Some of our bodies were naturally made to do awesome things well, maybe run fast, jump high, paint pictures, knit scarfs, make funny sounds, or carry loads of intellect (truth). Now for a broad jump (exercise pun intended), maintaining a healthy lifestyle will help us be better at whatever it is that we are good at (truth). Now, that is a little subjective, but if I wanted, I could show you all kinds of research talking about how eating well and exercising helps with all sorts of things, from sleep, to higher energy levels, to better abilities to focus, to longer life, and less stress, all of which would help us to be better at whatever it is we are awesome at.

Now, you can choose to believe that as truth or not, just like you can choose whether to like me or not, but either way here is the deal, YOU HAVE A BEST, and I want to help everyone reach their best. Your best, is the person you were made to be. You may not be athletic or strong, maybe you are both, but either way that does not mean you can't be your best. Sometimes being your best is easy, but a lot of times it is the hardest thing we do. Are you, your best, right now? Do you want to be your best? Have you ever been your best? Everyone's best is different and it is always changing. The truth is, being your best is a journey, a continual progress, where some days we are better than others, where life knocks you down and you keep trucking, where you struggle and you thrive, but the idea is to continually be better. That is your best. That is Aletheia Trained.